- An artistic photoshoot that embraces self love, empowerment and body positivity -

The Self Love Project is a one-on-one personalised photoshoot, open to ALL WOMEN who want to embrace self love and appreciation, as well as body confidence and positivity. It embraces diversity, for women of all different shapes and sizes, ages and ethnicities. My goal while making you feel comfortable in your own skin, is for you to walk away from the photoshoot feeling empowered and with a sense of pride of your own individuality.


"After working in the Photography industry for more then 8 years, I noticed there was a lack of REAL women being represented in the media and advertising. Body diversity and representation was missing. At the beginning of 2018, I began photographing artistic nudes & semi nudes of females with all different body shapes and sizes, helping to bridge this gap. Launching the Self Love Project allowed me to create a space where women can openly express themselves, as well as embrace their own individuality. Any shape, size, colour, body hair, imperfections - lets embrace it all! Every woman should feel empowered and confident in their own body."


Connect with me, follow the journey @ellamayphoto

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